Creative Director Brynne Rinderknecht of From the Inside creates residential, commercial and hospitality interiors, production design and prop styling projects. Based in Singapore and New York City, From the Inside delivers functional and creative concepts for projects with a focus on connecting people's spirits to their surroundings.

After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Brynne worked as the in-house production designer for Playboy Magazine for more than nine years. Since, she has worked with numerous individuals, brands and businesses on interior projects, film, commercials, TV, Pharma, branded content and print work. With 17 years of professional experience in production and interior design, From the Inside communicates energy from your life into your interior space.

"My work is about the people whom I come to know and collaborate with: finding out who they are and how they want to live and create flow in their business or their lives.  It's about taking that insight and rendering it as meaningful experiences. My motivation is to help you express something that comes honestly—from the inside." —Brynne Rinderknecht