Warm Strokes on the Upper East Side.

From many stories above, overlooking the East River, one can see and feel myriad movement. For my client, we wanted to create a place to sit and enjoy it.

To add color and warmth to the apartment, the rug was a crucial element. It's the piece that grounds the space and can influence the rest:  artwork and soft accessories, such as Kevin O'Brien pillows; French vintage armchairs upholstered in a grey velvet; a vintage brass coffee table with graceful legs from NY Showplace. They all take the edge off anything too new. A fitting drawing from Rachel Glittenberg, All Day I Think About You, acts as bejeweled foliage and water imagery for the wall. Fresh lilacs and Dutch peonies bring the room to life. 

All Day I Think About You , by Rachel Glittenberg

All Day I Think About You, by Rachel Glittenberg