black moon 2016

6 Shades for Tonight's Black Moon

Get ready for some mysterious creative energy tonight during the black moon! The black moon, which is given its name when the second new moon occurs in a single calendar month. However, like most occurrences within space that we attempt to define, there is some debate and additional meanings for the term "black moon." A new moon occurs typically every 29.5 days and then disappears from the sky as it passes between the earth and sun. The illuminated side is faced away from us during the new moon. 

As the sky becomes dark tonight, there is more focus for reflection—from the inside—to allow your creativity to flow. Whatever your outlet may be, it's time to brainstorm your next project or start experimenting and making your individual magic. 

Here are some of my go-to paint and pigment colors that create a backdrop or accent for inner reflection. 

The next black moon that disappears from our view twice in one month will occur on July 31st, 2019.

Universal Black by Benjamin Moore, Pitch Black by Farrow & Ball, Fade to Black by Portola Paints, Black Magic by Sherwin Williams, Black Iron Oxide by Earth Pigments, Off Broadway by Behr

Fade To Black by Portola Paints, interior design by From the Inside

Fade To Black by Portola Paints, interior design by From the Inside

Wall shade in Fade To Black by Portola Paints and drapery wall in Korinthos in color Slate from The Shade Store